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InAnyEvent – An Unholy Trilogy


InAnyEvent – Your One Stop Event Shop.

Just in case you do not know InAnyEvent, I wanted to take the time to introduce the company to you. I love it so much. I dare not use the word passionate, as this is over-done. But love makes for a genuine feeling of nurturing something that is ours and a pleasure in doing, what we do.

So what do we do? IAE is not a new Arab state, but an established Event Company. Based on good working practices, which creates Great, Effective, Engaging and Cost Effective events for you. We know, because we do so for so many other organisations.

Well, what sets us apart from a myriad of other event companies?

Well, let me come and talk to you about IAE and you can find out.

We like to listen, so would love to hear about the love you have for your company, what you do and how we could help you.

I know I love talking about IAE, and talking about my colleagues and what IAE does, and how we do it, and why we do it (everything has a purpose), and why we love events so much, and how we can save you money (Yes honest and no catch), and how we like clients for life and not just for the quick buck (sorry Americanism), and some of our innovative offerings (Paperless events), and how I employ people who know what ‘[S]ervice’ is, and how we like transparency, and and and.

I really love talking about IAE and how it can help you. It is my passion.

Ahhh! there I said it.

So the unholy trilogy; Event Management, Venue Finding and our personalised On-line delegate registration service. Hey, you can even Pick’n’Mix the services. I will tell you more about the Pick’n’Mix opportunities in future communications or I can come and see you and talk to you about them and how they can help you with your event/s.

We simply fit in with you and each of these services can be used within your current event infrastructure as a stand-alone resource. We can take on as much of your project as you like – a flexible event solution.

So contact me, Vickie Hancock on

+44 1275 390620 – +44 7779989934