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Our Unholy Trilogy – Part ii

InAnyEvent – Your One Stop Event Shop.

Last month we introduced InAnyEvent to you, and for some that are already ‘in-the-know’, know that InAnyEvent (IAE) manage events. We offer an Event Management service, a very good one. So we are told.

Events are multifaceted beasts and we offer a very rounded service, a Pick ’n’ Mix service. So you can pick and select as you or your event team require.

We like offering Pick ‘n’ Mix, as it is about providing the best service for your requirements.  We are a very service oriented company, a philosophy demonstrated by our team on a day to day basis. So Pick ‘n’ Mix is our Unholy Trilogy of Expertise; Event Management, Venue Finding and an On-line Registration Solution for delegates.

Event Management – events come in all shapes and sizes, and ‘Events’ as a marketing specialism is a very broad and multifaceted medium, and it requires expertise in all its areas. Events are a very exciting medium to promote, sell, build awareness and build relationships within. It is expanding its repertoire and is getting more technical, and more innovative in its approach to meeting, greeting, and joining with consumers and business contacts. At IAE we can take on as much or as little as you need assistance with, the important thing is that we are here to support you and your team.

At the core of events is the essence of meeting people, connecting with them and creating relationships. That is why we love events so much. We love to meet new people ourselves, and ……

……’on relationships we build your business!’

So think Events, Experiential, Launches, Conferences, Business meetings, Learning & Development, Awards Dinners/Lunches, Themed Parties, Corporate Hospitality and Being-on-the-road. Anywhere where we need to bring people together, all with IAE.

Now, you may not need any/ some help in Event Management, but you may require………

…….Venue finding – Not all events need to source a bespoke venue, but where you need to meet your staff and internal stakeholders, or meet existing clients or develop new relationships with new customers, the venue is key to this. The selection of a venue shows what you think of your guest, it presents your business to a wider world. So making sure you have the right venue is key to getting at least part of your marketing message across to a consumer.

Even the simplest of events, needs a great venue!

You may say, “well anyone can search and find a venue”, and yes maybe they can. But IAE can offer advice and expertise in the breadth of venues that they know and have used. Where searching for a new resource, we can find a venue that meets your brief and works well for the type of event that you are holding. IAE are not tied to any specific venue. We work to your brief and help with search criteria, but also we ‘Negotiate Hard’. So we SAVE YOU MONEY. Yes! We pride ourselves in being very proactive in negotiating good deals for you.

Even better, it is a ‘no-strings-attached’ FREE service. There is NO catch! We are a registered agency and all venues pay us a standard commission.

You still SAVE money.

So we can organise your event, we can find the right venue, but then there are the delegates, the guests. These are primary to your event and how they are handled/ managed is paramount. The initial success of your event is built into how you communicate and deal with them, even before the event starts. So we have created a bespoke package, an On-line Registration Solution, which helps in making that crucial first impression.

This can be branded to meet your event or corporate requirements. A delegate is thus greeted with something that can be integrated into your website so they see something designed for them by you. No mention of IAE at all, after all you are the client and they are your guests.

The system allows you to send and receive information, and interact and manage your delegates leading up to the event. The system allows for report building and review and it can accept on-line payments. All simply rolled into one, and as many clients say…..

…..”it is Extremely seamless!”

If it is not one, it maybe two or even three of our Unholy Trilogy that we can help you with, just ask us and we can talk about your requirements. We are happy to help where we can and we love events. Have I told you before?

We love events and we love to talk about them. We would love to come and talk to you about you events. I know I love talking about IAE, and talking about my colleagues and what IAE does, and how we do it, and why we do it (everything has a purpose), and why we love events so much, and how we can save you money (Yes honest and there is no catch), and how we like clients for life and not just for the quick buck (sorry Americanism), and some of our innovative offerings (Paperless events), and how I employ people who know what ‘[S]ervice’ is, and how we like transparency, and, and, and.

In the IAE dictionary, there is no such word as NO!

So contact me, Vickie Hancock on

+44 1275 390620 – +44 7779989934


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