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Free Venue Finding & Logistics


Venue Finding UK, Europe & Worldwide

Through our free venue finding service we save our customers, on average, 51% of their venue spend, this is down to our dedication in providing the very best service for our customers combined with our fantastic negotiation skills.

With our years of experience and our extensive knowledge base, we are able to source the ideal venue for you, whether that’s here in the UK or overseas. As an independent agency we are not restricted to certain hotel chains or venues, we work for you to provide the best options.

We can centralise and simplify roadshows or training schedules, making it simple and clear and negotiating the best rates for a series of bookings or a one off event. We include all the venue logistics free of charge if you would like to utilise this service, meaning contract management and negotiation, recharge these bookings and consolidate invoices, manage menus, AV and all logistics. 

We utilise bespoke booking software which allows you to easily make bookings, track your account, produce management information and centralise your billing all from your desk!

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