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Business Continuity!

We were recently featured in a client government magazine, they wanted to feature our business continuity during these uncertain times and highlight the practices we have – thought we would share with you all!

In Any Event started 2020 full of excitement, a re-brand, fresh new website, celebrating 30 years in business and team growth! Obviously due to recent world activities and like many other businesses across the world we are having to face up to new challenges.

As an SME we pride ourselves in offering a personal and professional service, we are a small business but are run as a large organisation. This has been proven in the recent events that are affecting all businesses.

These events have highlighted the importance of having business continuity plans in place and the importance of investing in technology. In Any Event have in place strong business continuity plans that have been tested. The plans have been executed perfectly with all staff being able to work remotely as soon as the initial guidance was recommended and all clients and suppliers being unaffected to maintain business as usual.

Over the years we have constantly upgraded technology and looked at systems and ways we would be able to carry on ‘business as usual’ in any situation. Never did we honestly think this may happen; however, it has, and we can safely say all the investment and upgrades in technology have been worth it.

Victoria Hancock, Managing Director said “Over the last few weeks, we have worked tirelessly to ensure all our client’s events have successfully been lifted and shifted to later in the year. We have saved our clients hundreds and thousands of pounds in cancellation charges by ensuring a strong relationship and line of communication with venues, working with them to ensure a smooth transition. Our communication to every delegate has been sympathetic and clear on the next steps and plans have been put in place with each client to ensure smooth re-registration for the rescheduled events”. As an SME it is important once this current situation is over that we continue to be supported by organisations needing venue finding and event support wherever possible so we can continue to flourish as a business and provide unrivaled service, that we as a team are extremely proud of.


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