Twas the night before Christmas – The BIG Event!

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! Well with those hushed tones, we start to draw a close to 2015 and put to bed our On-line delegate solution and our FREE Venue Finding searches and rest our Event Management skills and become a little reflective of the past year.

Christmas can often take you down the path of reflection. For us at In Any Event UK, we have had another great year. It gives us an opportunity to be thankful for what we have achieved; for us and our clients. We have created the opportunity to work with new clients, in new sectors, and have extended what we have done with some of our existing ones. One could say ‘Ding Dong, Merrily on High’. But it is testament to the hard working team we have here.

Christmas is a great time, like most things here at In Any Event UK we #lovechristmas. “Deck the halls” with bright lights, Christmas trees’, “Holly and the Ivy”, excited faces, presents and ribbon, and with a great expectation of the family fun ahead.

We are hoping for a ‘White Christmas’, and we will all hopefully be surfeit with Christmas excess. We should consider though, as ‘Good King Wenceslas’ did, others less fortunate, and spare time or give help and support where we can.

Events are a great opportunity to bring people together and build relationships. Very much like Christmas: a time for being together. So ‘Come all ye faithful’, those that work in and around the events industry and for those that #lovevents as we do. We hope you have had a great year too, with the prospect of another great year ahead in 2016.

So be it off ‘Once or Twice in Royal David’s city’; for your shopping extravaganza, or for a very ‘Silent night’, it only leaves me to say, from all at In Any Event UK…..

….. ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’


Labyrinth – A journey of an event

Events have a natural lifecycle. Each event is slightly different; different venue, delegates, clients, requirements. But they do follow a path; a labyrinth, a journey of discovery.

Events play an important role. Bringing people together builds relationships, and ’on relationships, we build your business!’

Like most things, it starts with a germ of an idea; a concept that will take to fruition through the ‘day to day’ planning and implementation. Focussing on the deadline of the event. Event deadlines do not move, so we have to bring everything in on time, every time, to ensure success.

Our success at InAnyEvent UK has developed out of the processes and procedures that we have adopted. We have successfully completed events for over 25 years now, in all manner of guises. So we have a reason and rationale of what and why we do things. We like to maintain this framework of planning, so we ensure client satisfaction. There are no grey areas for you the client or us in our planning.

The labyrinth, our journey, is never linear. It twists and turns and sometimes turns back on itself, as the complexity of an event has developed quite considerably over time. Telling people about an event is hugely important. Whatever event you may undertake, if you do not tell people about it; where you will be, then no one, or very few will visit. We need to ensure that delegate interaction is part of a communication plan, where you can tease and tantalise them with early information. They can be excited, and know much more about you even before they walk through the hall, hotel or venue doors. They have an expectation and we are good at creating ‘Great Expectations’ with your guests.

The interaction with these people is very important as it sets the scene. It shows the care and attention that you have for them. They are IMPORTANT. We often focus on the design of the set, the visual aspect, but interact with your guests successfully will build relationships, and it is a start of their journey with you.

Once we have their initial interest, then we have to get on with getting everything else right; the visual aspect, the design, the artwork, the catering, the invitations, the flooring, the logistics, the print, the microsite, the venue, health & safety, the walk through, the speeches, the testing, the hand holding, the hard negotiations [Negotiating Hard], the data capture, the event technology, the staff briefing, the uniforms, the couriers, the welcoming smile, the tired legs and achy feet, the stationary, the pens that work, the administration, which is always as paperless as possible.

Now we have the BIG day/s of the event, it runs and works well, and we achieve our goals. It is the culmination of all this hard work. But it NEVER ends there. For most it means they can walk away, it is finished. But for us, the event organiser, we still have more to do on our journey. We have the de rig, the lost property, the logistics, the getting home, the event review, plans for development for the next year and the follow up.

We then have a great opportunity for more meaningful delegate interaction. As we should communicate after an event for feedback, and for the enlightened, a planned follow up of the data that you have painstakingly captured.  HIGH level of ‘Experience’ has to match delegate’s expectations, and through the journey of the event there are many touch points that the EVENT has to successfully master.

Like all labyrinths, there is a journey of discovery and learning, as we learn all the time here at InAnyEvent UK.

And we love all this, we love talking about this and what we do, we #lovevents.

So for events in the South West, or in the UK or Europe, think InAnyEvent UK; Hard negotiators, Events, Experiential, Launches, Conferences, Business meetings, Learning & Development, Awards Dinners/Lunches, Themed Parties, Corporate Hospitality and Being-on-the-road. Anywhere there is a need to bring people together. Bringing people together builds relationships, and ……..

…….‘on relationships, we build your business!’

So contact me, Vickie Hancock as we would love to talk to you.

+44 1275 390620 – +44 7779989934

Negotiating Hard!

InAnyEvent – Your One Stop Event Shop [#lovevents]

Previously we have talked about our Unholy Trilogy, our expertise within ‘Events’; Event Management, Venue Finding and our On-line Registration Solution for delegates. These are our core services, the ones listed on our website under ‘Our Services’.

Although our expertise does not stop there.

As a business owner I know the importance of watching the pennies, making sure that the £spent is a £spent wisely. As we have a great supplier base, we can make best use of your money in getting the right product or service. We have invested time negotiating hard to get the best price, for the best results.

Venue costs can be a large percentage of your event budget, and being able to negotiate hard to get the best price, can per delegate make great savings for you.  InAnyEvent can guarantee a better price than you can obtain, due to our buying power and negotiating hard to get the best delegate rates. Meaning we always save you money and of course time.

As we said in last month’s News & Blog ….

…..Venue Finding is a ‘no-strings-attached’ FREE service. There is NO catch, we are a registered agency and all venues pay us a standard commission.

You still SAVE money!

So if it is not one, it maybe two or even three of our Unholy Trilogy that we can help you with, just ask us and we can talk about your requirements. We are happy to help where we can and we love events. Have I told you before?

We love events and we love to talk about them. We would love to come and talk to you about your events. I know, I love talking about IAE, and talking about my colleagues and what IAE does.

So think InAnyEvent; Hard negotiators, Events, Experiential, Launches, Conferences, Business meetings, Learning & Development, Awards Dinners/Lunches, Themed Parties, Corporate Hospitality and Being-on-the-road.

Anywhere where we need to bring people together – ‘on relationships, we build your business!’