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Eazybook – The Online Registration Software Solution

It is actually! It is Eazy to book; from an end user perspective (your guests) and it is Eazy to book, as you simply talk to us, here at InAnyEvent.

Eazybook is a professional portal for guests to book or register for an event. This is just the start of your effective event communication plan, as this is the first time a guest will experience ‘Your Brand’; that crucial First Impression.

Eazybook helps to build that ever so important relationship, and …….

“ ……on relationships, YOU build your business.”

Having worked in events and conferences for many years, we have used our experience to develop this bespoke On-line Registration Solution.

It can be branded to meet your event or corporate requirements. A delegate is thus greeted with something that can be integrated into your website so they see something designed for them by you. No mention of IAE at all, after all you are the client and they are your guests.

The system allows you to send and receive information about the event, and interact and manage your delegates leading up to the event. The system allows for report building and review and it can accept on-line payments. All simply rolled into one, and as many clients say…..

…..”it is Extremely seamless!”

Eazybook can be as simple or complex as required for the specific event. Why not take a look visit www.eazybook.com and please check out the online demo.

So a quick snap shot; there is no software to install as it is web based so accessible anywhere and everywhere, it integrates into any website simply, you can choose and customize your own fields, it has unlimited attendee options, it produces over 30 real time reports, it accepts payments online, it accepts abstracts and it can manage all transport and logistics. Hey!, it is even paperless, so very environmentally friendly. 

We love Eazybooks, and love talking about it and also the other things we do. We #lovevents.

So for events in the South West, UK and Europe, and where you have invited guests, think InAnyEvent UK; Hard negotiators, Events, Experiential, Launches, Conferences, Business meetings, Learning & Development, Awards Dinners/Lunches, Themed Parties, Corporate Hospitality and Being-on-the-road. Anywhere where we need to bring people together.

Bringing people together builds relationships, and ……..

…….‘on relationships, WE build your business!’